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Recent Open Bets

May, 2015
Tue, 26 Apple TV: A New App Store 20cr Bet
Tue, 26 Apple TV: TV Service Subscription 10cr Bet
Thu, 14 OS X 10.11: Siri Integration 2,520cr Bet
Mon, 04 iPad Pro: Force Touch Input? 2,545cr Bet
Mon, 04 iPad Pro: Farewell Lightning? 2,797cr Bet
Apr, 2015
Thu, 16 iPhone 6S: 7000 Series Aluminum? 1,020cr Bet
Fri, 10 Force Touch Magic Trackpad? 1,760cr Bet
Mar, 2015
Wed, 25 USB-C: Next? 750cr Bet
Thu, 12 iPhone: Force Touch? 5,977cr Bet
Thu, 12 iPhone Colors: Pink? 600cr Bet
Wed, 11 Accessories: Lightning to USB-C? 750cr Bet
Thu, 05 iPad Pro: USB 3.0 Port? 560cr Bet
Thu, 05 iPad Pro: In September? 880cr Bet
Feb, 2015
Wed, 04 Apple Maps Street View? 1,800cr Bet
Jan, 2015
Thu, 29 A Stylus with a 12" iPad? 17,658cr Bet
Tue, 06 Will (and when) the Mac Pro receive an update in 2015? 7,922cr Bet
Mon, 05 21.5" iMac Retina in 2015? 7,400cr Bet
Mon, 05 Whence Comes Thunderbolt 3? 2,350cr Bet
Mon, 05 4" iPhone in 2015? 9,360cr Bet
Mon, 05 Mid-Year Updates 2,350cr Bet