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Life After Cancer: How the iPhone Helped Me Achieve a Healthier Lifestyle ➸

A great article by Federico Viticci about how the iPhone and the Health app has helped in his recovery from cancer.

Last year, I decided to regain control of my body, my life habits, and my health. I started tracking everything I could about my activities, my exercise routine, the food I ate, and the time I spent working with my iPad instead of walking, sleeping, or enjoying time with my family. Since then, I’ve made a decision to not let cancer and its consequences define me any longer.

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Mar, 2015
Wed, 25 Apple TV: New TV Subscription Service
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Mon, 16 March Madness 2015: West 850cr Bet
Mon, 16 March Madness 2015: East 700cr Bet
Mon, 16 March Madness 2015: South 335cr Bet
Thu, 12 iPhone: Force Touch? 4,200cr Bet
Thu, 12 iPhone Colors: Pink? 600cr Bet
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Thu, 05 New AppleTV Hardware & Software on March 9th 15,300cr Bet
Thu, 05 iPad Pro: USB 3.0 Port? 550cr Bet
Thu, 05 iPad Pro: In September? 750cr Bet
Thu, 05 Watch: Opening Weekend Sales 1,409cr Bet
Thu, 05 WWDC 15: New Beats Streaming Service? 300cr Bet
Feb, 2015
Mon, 09 New Music Service in iOS 8.4? 2,799cr Bet
Thu, 05 When will the Photos App be Released? 10,790cr Bet
Wed, 04 Apple Maps Street View? 1,200cr Bet
Jan, 2015
Thu, 29 A Stylus with a 12" iPad? 17,658cr Bet
Fri, 23 Which Part of California will Host The Next OS X Name 2,700cr Bet
Tue, 06 Will (and when) the Mac Pro receive an update in 2015? 6,622cr Bet
Tue, 06 All Apple Watch Versions Available? 11,340cr Bet
Mon, 05 21.5" iMac Retina in 2015? 3,900cr Bet
Mon, 05 Whence Comes Thunderbolt 3? 2,350cr Bet
Mon, 05 4" iPhone in 2015? 8,860cr Bet
Mon, 05 Mid-Year Updates 2,350cr Bet